Gas Fireplaces

Today’s Gas fireplaces have realistic yellow-orange flames and glowing ceramic coals.  They are great heat producers, giving both warm air and radiant heat.  They burn natural gas or propane and should be sized to your room size, insulation level and your climate.  They are available as a fireplace Insert, Built in, or log sets.

Gas fireplaces have a few advantages over wood-burning fireplaces:

  • No wood to cut, split, stack and store
  • Instant heat with the click of a remote control
  • No tending the fire and no ashes to clean up
  • Thermostat control of the flame size to maintain room temperature

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Countside Stoves & Chimney features gas fireplaces quality built by Fireplace Xtrodinair


Fireplace Xtrodinair Gas Fireplaces

Fireplace Xtrodinair Gas Fireplaces