Captain Cook Cookout to Showcase Primo Grills at Countryside Stoves & Riverside Pools Marcy NY

Just who is Captain Cookout and what can he cook on a Primo Grill and Smoker?

Come Taste and Talk with Captain Cookout
Saturday and Sunday
May 25th & 26th

9509 River Road Marcy NY

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Pellet Stoves – Marcy New York

Picture of Avalon AGP Pellet Stove

Avalon AGP Pellet Stove

Pellet Stoves, unlike the furnace or boiler in your basement, are made to be seen and come in a variety of styles and colors to fit any décor.

A freestanding or fireplace insert pellet burning appliance is most effective when sized correctly. An undersized stove or insert will not provide enough heat while an oversized appliance is usually set at too low a burn rate that wastes fuel. Talk with one of our staff to learn what your options are for buying a pellet stove or pellet fireplace insert that provides you with the best fit for your home. We carry a large selection from the best pellet stove manufactures.

A typical home owner burns around 3 tons of wood pellets over the course of the heating season. Top quality Wood Pellets deliver the most heat per ton and are cleaner burning.

Picture of Curran Renewable Energy Hardwood-Softwood Blend Wood Stove Pellets

Curran Renewable Energy
Hardwood-Softwood Blend Wood Stove Pellets

We sell Premium Softwood pellets and a 70/30 hardwood/softwood blend from Curran Renewable Energy. Curran is the first Biomass Pellet Mill in the U.S. to receive Forest Stewardship Council and the Rainforest Alliance Smartwood Program Certifications.

When it comes to burning pellets it is not so much what wood that the pellet is made of but the density, ash, and moisture content of the wood pellet that determines its heat performance.

In short, Premium Quality Pellets burn better. . . . we sell the best Available.

Stop by our Countryside Stove and Chimney showroom at 9505 River Road, Marcy NY Today.  

Learn more about heating your home with Wood Pellet Stoves & Pellet Fireplace inserts using renewable biomass fuels from Curran Renewable Energy.

Helping you select a pellet stove or insert from one of the best manufacturers along with the best pellet fuel available to heat your home is what we are all about.

Fall Weather – The Perfect Time To Add a Fireplace or Stove To Enhance Your Comfort